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What is play for a child
their occupation
What can a child gain from play?
s/he can learn cognitive, social-emotional, motor and language skills
Define play:
a spontaneous or organized activity that provides enjoyment, entertainment, amusement, or diversion
What do infants enjoy in play?
*exploring environment
*learning through their senses: visual, tactile, auditory and mvmnt
What does play encourage for infants?
-body awareness
What do toys encourage for infants?
elicit actions
increase motor skills
facilitate creativity
What is play for early childhood?
-continued exploration
-development of friendships
-learn negotiation
-problem solving
-communication skills
What does play encourage for early childhood?
manipulative play
social play with children
What is play for middle childhood?
Refinement of skills
What does play encourage for middle childhood?
What do middle childhood kids enjoy in play activities?
rules and competition
What is play for adolescents?
establishment of independence
What are READINESS skills in areas of occupation?
necessary skills to successfully participate in home mgmnt, comm mobility and care of others
What performance contexts dictates children participation in home mgmt activites?
What performance contexts dictates children participation in Comm Mobility activites?
physical (crowds, street crossing, public trans)
cultural(age may determine independence in this skill)
What performance contexts dictates children participation in Care of others activites?
physical (where person lives)
What are readiness skills in Education?
necessary skills to successfully participate in educational and vocational activities
What readiness skills are needed for a preschooler?
I in toileting with min assist with fasteners,
I in self feeding
Cooperative play behavior
Understand rules and schedules
behavioral/emotional maturity (controlling temper and mood swings)
What readiness skills are needed for a kindergartener?
preschooler prerequisites AND
sit while listening to story
adequate fine motor skills (to color and manipulate small objects)
adequate gross motor skills (to run, hop & jump)
recognize letters and numbers
What readiness skills are needed for a elementary student?
greater I in BADLs
Sit for extended time
carry lunch tray
clean up
remain on task and attend to work (termed in-seat behavior)
adequate perceptual and motor skills (for games and organized sports)
What readiness skills are needed for a middle childhood and adolscents?
appropriate social skills
increased creative thinking
problem solving
development of ideas
What is vocational activities for adolscents?
Child can receive monetary compensation for work
Adolescents and vocational activities: what are formal vocational activities vs. informal vocational activities
Formal: having a job (laws mandate legal working age)
Informal: having a lemonade stand, mowing neighbors yard, house chores for a fee
What are Readiness skills for vocational activites?
appropriate dress
effective communication skills w/peers and supervisors
How is play categorized?
-functional (sensorimotor)
-constructive (manipulitive)
-dramatic (pretend)
-formal (rule governed)
What is the play progression?
from solitary to parallel to group play