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The outer layer of the Earth. It is the Thinnest layer.Continental and Oceanic
The layer under the crust.
The inner layer of the Earth, mostly made of iron.
The outer layer of the Earth that is made up of Crust and mantle.
Inner Core
The inner part of the core is solid.
Outer Core
The outer part of the core is liquid.
Continental Crust
Less dense than oceanic crust. Consists of granite.
Continental Drift
The theory that states that continents move and have done so in the past.
Sea-Floor Spreading
The movementt of the plates of the sea floor. Magma is pushed up and fills in the space between the plates.
The name given to the large mass that eventually beacame the continents.
Evidence Supporting Continental Drift Theory
Fossils, mountain ranges, rock composition, sea-floor spreading
Oceanic Crust.
Thinner than continental crust but more dens. Made of basalt