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giant hairy nevus

% malignancy
0 - 10%

(also called a congenital melanocytic nevus)
prominent nasolabial folds

hyaluronic acid (restylane)

fat, collagen
most common skin lesion in fitpatrick type VI
dermatosis papulosa nigra
spitz nevus

excision with narrow margins

selective embolization and surgical excision
botox related ptosis

which muscle
cartilage graft to nose

best to prevent warping
symmetrical design

(test answer)
removal of yellow tatoo

wave length of laser
532 nm
two months post wounding
process of maturation
type III collagen laid down early and replaced with type I until normal 4:1 ratio established
infectious folliculitis

most com organism
staph aureus
best method of monitoring a buried free flap
implantable dopler
best method of monitoring an exposed free flap
clinical observation
mild wound infection post breast implant

(not necess to remove implant in mild infection)
enlarging hemangiomas in 18 month old

ischial pressure ulcer

best flap
v-y hamstring advancement flap
anesthetic agent that helps prevent nausea
best evidenced based study
multicenter, radonmized, controlled study

level I
a mass in the axilla that becomes tender at time of menses is ?
Rx = ?
breast tissue

what is advantage of cultured epithelial grafts
no donor site
large amount can be obtained
disadvantage of cultured epithelia grafts
lack elasticity (no dermis)
slow basement membrane formation = blisters
delay = n2 - 3 weeks
disadvantage of adherent perichondrium on a cartilage graft
warping of the graft
antibiotic for use with leech therapy


aeromonas hydrophilia
how long to treat patient when leech Rx has been used
till all wounds are healed
Alloplastic material that releases heat
Sturge-Weber = what vascular anomaly
capillary malformation (port wine stain)
+ipsilateral ocular or leptomeningeal vascular anomalies
EMLA cream is ?

minimun time for best result

60 minutes
which phase of wound healing has the most greatest rate of collagen production
Rx of a rapidly increasing bright red skin lesion on an infant
Dx = hemangioma

Rx = observation
Rx of rapidly increasing hemangioma threatening an orifice or obstructing vision
Xeroderma pigmentosum
presents as child
acute sun sensativity
pigmented lesions
early development cut. malignancies
Neviud Basal Syndrome
presents birth through childhood
sun sensative
cutaneous malignancies
dental cysts
Basex syndrome
BCC face,
no palmar pits
skin abnormalities
Erythroplasia of Queyrat
SCC insitu penis
which vitamin reverses wound healing consequences of corticosteriods
vitimin A
Rx for sudden onset of extreme pain immedialtely after tissue expansion
remove some fluid
best route to provide nutrition to burn victims
enteral, even with n/g tube if necessary
what technique adresses anterior and posterior trunkal excessive tissue in the massive wgt loss patient
circumferential lower body lift (belt lipectomy, hemi-body lift)
Best selection for reconstruction of floor of mouth resection post radiation Rx
free flap, usually radial forearm
marginal mandible resection = definition
resection of inner cortex only, mandible structurally intact
harvest of both internal mammary arteries threatens which flap
maximus angle recommended between primary and seconday flap of bilobe flap
100 degrees
doxorubicin hcl

highly cytotoxic
agent commonly used for thrombolysis post microvasculat occlusion
TPA (tissue plasminogen activator)
use of papain-urea ointment in full thickeness escar

not usuful in full thickness wounds
with ring avulsion injuries what can be done to optimize the possibililty of replantation
resect all abnormal vessels and vein graft
wound failure SIX YEARS post radiation for breast cander is ?
radionecrosis (can be osteoradionec)

recurrent CA usually within 5 yrs
Rx of acute onset pain swelling erythema groin with diabetes, and sepsis
predispostion ot Fournier disease
diabetes, obesity, alcoholism. AIDS, smoking, leukemia
Giant harry nevi result in what life threatenting condition
leptomeningeal involvement presents before 2 years age

melanoma 4 - 8 % lifetime risk
where do the motor nerves enter the rectus muscles
from lateral edge

(therefore, "turn over" flap denervates the muscle)
advantage of tricloracetic acid peel over pehnol peel
less pigment change
Mathes/nahai flap class
I single dom ped
II 1 dom and 1 minor
III 2 com
IV multiple ped
V 1 dom. mult minor
1st 24 hour post op low grade temp.
most common cause = pulmonary
Rx pulmonary toilet, incen spir etc.
Parkland formula
4 cc/%burn/kg

1/2 given in 1st 8 hours POST BURN (not admission)
dose hyperbaric O2 improve survival in abdomenal wall necrotizing fasciitis
may you legally enter a note in the patients outpatient record after the date of the visit
yes, as long as the date of the entry is correct.
one "advanatage" of Mohs
indistinct margins of the lesion
only filler used for contour defects in AIDs
Sculptra (poly-l-lactic acid)
where is Sculptra injected
subcutaneousy cheek

submusclular orbit
how ofter sculptra is injected
multiple times over 4 - 6 weeks
how long does sculptra last
over two years ???????test answer on this inservice
theory on value
dermal-epidermal matrix

used for diabetic foot ulcers
apply repeatly up to 5 grafts
dermal fibroblasts secredt growth factors
after snake bite with no information on immunization status
1st rx
tetanus toxoid
general indicaiton for antivenum for snake bites
progressive vinum injury, worsening loval injury or systemic sx
necrotizing fasciitis

staph aureus and Group A hemolytic strept.
dehiscence of abdomenal incision post body lift 6 weeks post op
cicritricial upper lid ectropion

Rx post attempted stsg
malignant hyperthermia

Sx and signs
temp elev., tachycardia, decrease O2, hypercarbia, difficult ventilation
Rx hyperthermia
cooling, dantrolene, stop inhalation agents, O2
drainage from naval in infant

urachal sinus

urachal cyst usually Asx
is it necessary to inform patients of rare, nonserious potential complictions