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A root with a few branches that is very thick and swollen. Carrots are an example.
primary taproot
Some plants have a root system like this. It is a bunch of very fine roots all together. Grass plants have fibrous roots.
fibrous root system
carry water and nutrients taken up by the roots to the leaves
cells thatmove water
xylem cells
cells that move food.
phloem cells
allow the leaves to reach the sunlight they need
shaped so that the greatest amount of the leaf can be exposed to the sun
broad-leaved plants
process of food making in plants
designed for food making
cells of a leaf
where photosynthesis takes place
two middle layers of cells in a leaf
protect the leaf and keep it from dring out
top and bottom layer of a leaf
allows for exchange of gases needed in food making
bottom layer of a leaf
allow for transport of water and manufactured food
veins in a leaf
reproductive part of a plant
where seeds are produced
inside a flower
What part of the plant do you eat when you eat fruit?
What part of the plant do you eat when you eat lettace, cabbage or spinach?
What part of the plant do you eat when you eat celery or asparagus?
What part of plant do you eat when you eat carrots, radishes or beets?
What part of the plant do you eat when you eat cinnamon
What part of the plants do you eat when you eat corn, wheat, rice or cocoa?
What are grains?
What part of the plant do you eat when you eat sprouts, peas or beans?
What are 2 drugs that come from tree bark?
quinine and taxol
What is quinine used for?
fever from malaria
What is taxol used for?
cure types of cancer
What are the four parts of a plant?
stem, leaves, roots and flowers
What do roots do for floating plants?
anchor them
provide oxygen to keep them afloat
What do roots do for plants in the ground?
anchor plant
absorb water and minerals
What does a taproot do?
One main root that stores food
What happens to stems of flowering plants if they are deprived of water?
They wilt
What is the reproductive part of a flowering plant?
The flower