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What is the reproductive part of a flowering plant?
the flower
What are the tube-like cells that carry water and minerals from the soil upward?
xylem cells
What is the jelly like substance in a plant cell that fills much of the cell?
The often colorful, showy parts of a flower are called ---.
What are the tube-like cells that carry sugars made in the leaves to other parts of the plant?
phloem cells
The structures in a plant cell in which food making occurs are called ---
What part of the plant connects the roots to the leaves?
the stem
What is the food-making factory of a plant?
the leaf
The transport system of a leaf is made up of the veins and the ---.
The innermost part of a tree is called the ---.
What is the basic unit of living things?
A tree trunk is actually a woody ---.
Roots --- the plant and also absorb water and minerals.
Where was corn first grown?
South America
Why do pine, spruce, and fir plants have needle shaped leaves?
Needle shaped leaves help reduce water loss.
What do the size of a tree's "annual rings" show?
Small rings indicate that there was less water that year. Larger rings indicate that there was more water that year.
What are the four parts of a flowering plant?
roots, stems, leaves, flowers
The --- and the --- cells make up the transport system of a plant.
xylem and phloem
Define what a "fruit" is.
A fruit is the ovary of a flowering plant.
Where does photosynthesis take place in the cells of a plant?
in the two middle layers
What types of roots do plants such as grasses have?
fibrous roots
Which structure of the plant cell functions as a storage area for various substances?
Which structure is the covering that gives the cell its rigid shape?
Cell wall
Which structure controls all the cell's activities?