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A part of a flower that is often brightly colored.
What is a Petal?
A special kind of leaf that protects a flower bud.
What is a Sepal?
The female part of a flower.
What is a Pistil?
The bottom part of a pistil where female reproductive cells are formed.
What is an Ovary?
The part of the ovary that contains the female reproductive cells.
What is an Ovule?
The male part of a flower.
What is a Stamen?
A light and powdery substance that contains the male reproductive cells of a plant.
What is Pollen?
The movement of pollen from a stamen to a pistil.
What is Pollination?
The joining of a male reproductive cell and a female reproductive cell.
What is Fertilization?
A kind of asexual reproduction that uses parts of plants to grow new plants.
What is Vegetative Propagation?
When a plant loses water faster than it can be replaced.
What is Wilting?
The process of water passing out through the stomata of leaves.
What is Transpiration?
The layer of long, green cells below the upper epidermis of a leaf which produce majority of food.
What is the Palisade Layer?
The layer of round, green cells directly below the palisade layer of a leaf that contain veins & make food for plant.
What is the Spongy Layer?
Each ring of Xylem in a woody stem.
What are Annual Rings?
A thin layer of cells that divide to form new phloem on the outside and new xylem on the inside making stem thicker.
What is the Cambium?
The outer layer of a woody stem made of dead cells & protects stem against insects, disease & water loss
What is Cork?
A food storage tissue in plants.
What is Cortex?
A ring of many cells that surrounds the Xylem in roots.
What is the Endodermis?
Soft, green stems found in short plants like beans, corn, lily, and wheat.
What is a Herbaceous Stem?
Buds along the sides of a stem that give rise to new branches, leaves, or flowers.
What are Lateral Buds?
The bud at the tip of a stem.
What is a Terminal Bud?
The main vein of a leaf.
What is the Midrib?
A small pore or opening in the lower epidermis of a leaf.
What is the Stoma?
Green cells that change the size of the Stomata in a leaf that allows stoma to take in or let out water by Osmosis.
What are Guard Cells?