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What is the function (job) of the ROOT?
- to anchor the plant in the soil

- absorb water and nutrients from the soil
What is the function (job) of the STEM?
- to provide support for the plant

-to move water and nutrients from the roots to the rest of the plant
What is the function of FLOWERS?
Where plants make seeds.
part of plant where reproduction takes place.
What is the function of LEAVES?
Absorb sunlight and carbon dioxide so the plant can make its own food.
Plants can be divided into what 2 groups?
- Plants that produce SEEDS

- Plants that produce SPORES
What is photosynthesis?
Process that plants use to make their own food.
What part of the plant does photosynthesis take place?
Plants' food making process is called
Green material in plants that is used during photosynthesis
What 4 elements mix during Photosynthesis?
Water, nutrients, carbon dioxide and sunlight
What is produced during photosynthesis?
Sugar and oxygen
What is the period of suspended life process brought on by changes in the environment (plants "rest"...causing them to lose their leaves during the winter)
What is the function of the SEPAL?
It protects the flower petals before the flower opens.
What is the function of the PETALS/
The colors attract insects and protect the stamen and pistil.
What is the function of the STAMEN?
Produces pollen
What is the function of the PISTIL?
Pollen sticks to the pistil and is sent inside of the pistil where it goes to the ovary
What is the place in the plant where the pollen fertilizes the ovule (egg)?
What is the egg inside of the ovary. Once it is fertilized by the pollen, it grows into a seed.
What produces new plants when scattered on the soil?
What is part of the reproductive process for flowering plants, when pollen is transferred from the stamen to the pistil?
How can plants be pollinated?
By wind, insects, or birds that land onthe flowers and transport the pollen.
What are 2 examples of plants that reproduce with spores?
Ferns and mosses
How do plants with spores reproduce?
Spores are produced on the plant. When the spores are scattered on soil, they produce new plants.
What type of plant does NOT have flowers or seeds?
Spores (ferns and mosses)
What is the ENERGY needed for photosynthesis?
What is the gas GIVEN OFF by plants during photosynthesis?
What is the gas NEEDED by plants for photosynthesis?
Carbon dioxide