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Five Factors of Soil Formation
-Parent Material
Soil =
mineral, organic matter + gas + soil solution + living organisms
Soil Horizon Names and Descriptions:
-O: Decaying plants on or near surface

- A: Top Soil, Organic Rich

- B: Subsoil, Most Diverse Horizon and the Horizon with the most sub classifications

-C: Weathered/aged parent material
Soil Texture
-Sand --->
-silt -->
-clay ->
all spaces filled with water
Field capacity
% of water remaining after gravitational water has drained
Permanent wilting percentage
only adhesion water left
Storage capacity
Adhesion water
water that is closes to the surface, bonds strongly with the soil particles
Cohesion water
water molecules held by mutual attraction in the soil against force of gravity
From Soil to Roots
-Ion Exchange (Mass Ion Effect)

-Root Interception

-Bulk flow


-Passive and Active Transport into Cells
C, H, O, N, P, K, Ca, Mg, S
Fe, Mn, B, Zn, Cu, Cl, Co, Mo, Ni
C. B. H O P K i N S Ca Fe, Co. Cl osed Mn day Mo rning and N ight C U Zn, the Mg
C. B. H O P K i N S Ca Fe, Co. Cl osed Mn day Mo rning and N ight C U Zn, the Mg