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Which Tissue provides a plant's continuous growth
Which primary plant tissue is the most abundant?
How are the two types of vascular tissues xylem and phloem different?
Xylem moves water and dissolved minerals throughout the plant and Phloem moves sugar throughout the plant.
List two ways that plant's anatomy is adapted to existence on land.
Development of Root and Vascular Tissue
Describe how roots maximize surface area.
With the development of root hairs the plant in able to increase its surface area
Name to two different classification of compound leaves
Pinnate and Palmate
What is the name of the feature that allow gas exchange on the surface of the leaf?
What is the function of the apical meristem?
The apical meristem increases shoot length
What is the function of the root cap
To protect the root meristem and to increase lubrication so that the root can grow through the soil.
Are plants living? Why or Why not?
Yes plant are living because they can reproduction, respond to stimuli, grow, and adapt to the environment in which they live