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Auxin (site of biosynthesis)
Primarily in leaf primordia and young leaves and in developing seeds
Auxin (effects)
Apical dominance (inhibit lateral root growth), tropic responses, inhibition of root and leaf abscission, stimulation of fruit development, promote stem elongation and root initiation
Cytokinin (site of biosynthesis)
primarily in root tips
Cytokinin (effects)
cell division, promotion of shoot formation in tissue culture, delay of leaf senescence, release of lateral buds from apical dominance
Ethylene (site of biosynthesis)
most tissues in response to stress especially in tissues undergoing senescence or ripening
Ethylene (effects)
Fruit ripening, leaf and flower senescence, leaf and fruit abscission, inhibits stem elongation and gravitropism
Abscisic Acid (site of biosynthesis)
Mature leaves and roots, especially in response to water strees, can be made in seeds
Abscisic Acid (effects)
maintains seed dormancy and winter dormancy, closes stomata
Gibberellins (site of biosynthesis)
young tissues of the shoot and developing seeds
Gibbereliins (effects)
Promote seed germination, stem growth, and fruit development; break winter dormancy, mobilize reserves in grass seeds