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What are three different uses for plants?
They can provide food, medicine, wood or paper.
Generally speaking, plants share what three qualities?
They are green, they are attached to something, and they make their own food.
A plant in dirt needs what three other elements to live?
It needs sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide.
What two types of plants don't have flowers?
Pines and Firs don't have flowers.
What part of the plant provides support to the rest of the plant?
The stem provides support.
What part of the plant anchors the plant in the soil, draws water and minerals into the plant, and stores food?
The root does all these things.
What gives plants their green color?
It is called chlorophyll.
What are three ways pollen is spread from plant to plant?
Wind, birds and bees can disperse the pollen.
What are the three parts of a seed?
They are the seed coat, the embryo, and the stored food.
When a seed plant begins to grow, one calls that what?
It is called germination.