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3 carbon compound in a simple sugar and is used to make more complex sugars, inluding gluclose, fructose and starch
-- it takes engery of light to accomplish this
step one of phosynthesis reaction
responsible for supplying nrg and nrgized electrons
--occurs on chloroplast membrane, thylakoids, sacs stacked = granum
# 2 set of reactions in photosynthesis
the energy and electrons are used to fix carbon dioxide and create a carb
---occurs in the water soluble matrix, or stroma, that bathes the thylakoids
a narrow segment of the electromagnetic spectrum
- behaves both as a wave and a particle
-shorter wavelegnth, the more energetic the radiation
-particles are called Photons, or quanta
or quanta
-have discrete energy content
-shorter wavlenght, the photons are more energetic