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Seventh planet from the Sun
Surface : mostly gas and liquid, blue- green clouds
Orbit Time : 84 years
Diameter: 32,000 miles
Planet Power Points : It rolls around its orbit instead of spinning like a top. It has17 moons and narrow dark rings
Fifthe planet from the Sun
Surface :mainly gas and liquid, thick clouds
Orbit Time : 11.9 years
Diameter: 89,000 miles
Planet Power points : It has 16 moons. It is the largest planet. The great Red Spot is a huge storm in its clouds.
Sixth planet from the Sun
Surface : mostly gas and liquid, thick clouds
Orit Time ; 2905 years
Diameter : 75,000 miles
Planet power points : It weighs the least of any planet. More than 20 moonshave been counted. it has spectacular rings made of icy rock.
The Solar System
The solar system is the Sun and everything in space that travels around it.
The Sun is the only star in the solar system. It is also the biggest and hottest object.
The Sun controls all of the bodies around it. this includes the nine known planets.
The Solar System
Fourth planet from the Sun
Surface : dusty and rocky, looks reddish
Orbit Time ; 687 days
Diameter ; 4.220 miles
Planet Power points ; It has two moons. It also has polar ice caps. It has a canyon ten times longer than the Grand Canyon
ninth planet from the Sun
Surface : types of ice
Orbit Time : 248 years
Diameter: 1,430 miles
planet power points ; It is the smallest planet. It has one moon. At times its orbit and Neptune's cross, and it is the eigth planet from the sun.
Third planet from the Sun
Surface: about 70% water and 30% land
Orbit time : 1 year or approximately 365 days
Diameter ' 7,930 miles
Planet Power Points : It is the only planet known to have life. its surface is always changing, It has one moon
Eighth planet from the Sun
Surface : gas, blue and white clouds
Orbit Time :164 years
Diameter : 30,800 miles
Planet power points ; it has the strongest winds of any planet. It has eight moons and thin rings. It has a large storm spot like Jupiter.
Second planet from the Sun
Surface : rocky plains of lava, clouds
Orbit Time : 225 days
Diameter: 7.520 miles
Planet Power Points : it rotates in the opposite direction of the earth. It has no moon. Except for the earth's moon, it is the brightest object in the night sky.
First planet from theSun
Surface: craters, smooth plains, no water
Orbit Time :88 days
Diameter : 3,030 miles
Planet Power Points : Of the planets, it has the greatest range of temperatures. The days are very hot and the nights are very cold. It has no moon.