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How many tie down points are there on the F/A-18A+ aircraft with a drop tank?
2 Nose, 3 on each main mount, 1 on each wing (2),1 Tailhook. 11 total
What is needed to secure an a/c in a hanger?
chocks, brakes set, red grear and covers.
What is needed to secure an a/c on the line?
Brakes set, chocks, covers and chain IAW with maint.
How many ground safety pins are there on an F/A-18A+?
Eight. nose wheel, one on each main mount, tailhook, one on each wing fold, seat and canopy.
How many tie downs are required for heavy weather ashore/afloat?
What information is found in the A1FA18-MRC-250?
Daily produres
How many Delta-P's are on the F/A-18A+ aircraft? Where are they?
18- Nose wheel well; three in each main wheel well 1 hyd, 2 case drain; 1 in each AMAD; 1 in each engine; 1 for each VEN; and 2 ???????
What is the difference between symmetrical and asymmetrical tie down?
Symmetrical is the same number of chains on one side that is on the other side.
Asymmetrical is where there is a different amount of chains on one side then there is on the other.
What is the proper procedure for grounding an aircraft?
Hook the ground strap to the ground point first then to the aircraft.
How many grounding receptacles are there with two wing pylons installed and where are theylocated?
9-one in the nose wheel well; one in the fuel door(door 8);2 in each main wheel well; one in the tailhook tie down point door; one on the rear of each pylon.
What is the first procedure for a turnaround inspection?
Check the ADB
What material is required to complete a daily inspection?
MRC-250, tool pouch, cranial, fuel sample kit,stab gauge, PPE
What is the first procedure for a daily inspection?
Check the ADB
How long is a daily inspection good for?
72 hours or 24 on flights.
How many total fuel sample points are there with 2 drop tanks?
How much fuel is to be drained into a fuel sample jar?
1 pint
When are fuel samples to be taken?
2 hours after fueling to allow for the fuel to settle; on a Daily
Who can inspect fuel samples?
310 CDI, QA, Pilot, 310 supervisor.
How long are fuel samples good for?
24 hours
How many chains are required for a hot seat?
3 Chains
What material is required for a hot pump?
chocks; two fire bottles; fuel truck; tug and tow bar; grounding strap.
A plane captain can taxi an A/C aboard ship? True or False
False; only a qualified shipboard directors (yellow shirts)
What doors are to be open before the pilots walk?
10L,10R, 14L, 14R, 9.
Where are the 5 locations circuit breakers can be found on a F/A-18A+?
10L, 10R, cocpit
What is the first thing to be done once an A/C is shut down during a recovery?
ground the aircraft
What is the safe distance from turning A/C during fueling/defueling
50 feet
What is the minimum safe distance from airborne radar during fueling/defueling?
100 feet
What is the minimum safe distance from ground radar during fueling/defueling?
300 feet
In regards to fastener integrity, what constitutes a downing discrepancy?
any leading edge, forward of the intake,one missing fasteners allowed in a panel with less then 30 but not on the leading edge, mo more then two total; minimum of 10 between missing fasteners
How many personnel are needed to fuel an F/A-18A+
2- one to fuel, one to stand on the fire bottle as the saftey.