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You order two supreme pizzas at $14.95 each, one pepperoni at $8.95, and one sausage at $8.95. You give the delivery man a $1.50 tip.
a) $49.30
b) $10.70
You have $50.00. Pizzas cost $28.00 and soda is $7.65. How much money is left?
$14.35 or fourteen dollars and thirty five cents
A six-pack of soda costs $1.59. Mrs. Johnson bought 24 cans of soda. How much did the soda cost?

$6.36 or six dollars and thirty six cents
You have a coupon for pizza - - buy one at full price and get a second for half price. You order a deluxe piza that costs $13.95 and another at half-price with the coupon. How much will they cost? (Round your answer to the nearest cent.)
$20.93 or twenty nine dollas and ninety three cents
A large cheese pizza costs $7.95. There is a 50 cents charge for each additional item. How much for a large pizza with pepperoni, mushrooms, and onions?
$9.45 or nine dollars and forty five cents
12 people are at the party. Each pizza has 8 slices. How many pizzas will be needed to give each guest 2 slices?
3 pizzas
Three people are sharing the cost of the party. You buy 3 pizzas at $12.25 each and 1 case of pop at $6.00. How much will each person have to pay?
$14.25 or fourteen dollars and twenty five cents