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what population is most frequently affected by pinworms?
children 5-15 yrs old
what is the most common rt of transmission for pinworms?
why are pinworms contagious?
contagious b/c of eggs, eggs persist in environment for wks, they live in the intestine ad eggs are layed around in anus
what are rts of transmission?
airborne, pets, bedding, public playgrounds, public bathrooms
what are characteristics of pinworms?
adult worms are 10 mm long, thin,with a pointed tail
adult worms live in 1st pt of large intestine (ileocecum)where they seldom cause damage
female stores 11,000 eggs, migrates down and out the anus where she deposit sticky egg mases and dies
eggs adhere to anus, clothing, toliet seats, etc, they hatch in few hrs.
S & S of pinworms?
worms found in feces, or around anus, most common sx is nocturnal perianal itching,other sx abdominal pain,insomnia, inability to concentrate, N and loss of appetite
complications of pinworms?
local bacterial infect. in perianal area,vulvovaginitis in F, migration into F genital tract (encapsulation in uterus or fallopian tubes, peritoneal infestation, infection)
nonpharmacologic tx?
extreme precaution, strict hygiene, wash bedlinens, towels, underwear DAILY in HOT h2o, take hot shower every morning, lots of soap, disinfect toilet seat, bathtub, sink handles, vacuum bedroom daily, wear snug shorts under 1 piece pajama, frequent handwashing
pharmacologic tx?
pyrantel parmoate (Pin X, PinRid, Reese's)
90-100% effective, paralyzes and kills worms, dose is 5mg/lb, or 11mg/kg, for all ages, under 2 or 25lbs contact MD, may repeat dose in 2 wks
SE, contraindications of pyrantel pamoate?
SE uncommon, abdominal cramps, N, V, anorexia, diarrhea, HA, drowsines, dizziness
contra: pts with liver dysfunction, malnutrition, anemia
preg: contact MD