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Listen to this conversation
Es kuu chaa aas sta kon vers a see on
Just learn the saying.
Listen again
Es kuu chaa oo tdra vaas
Remember how to say listen and the again will be easy to remember.
Three dollars please
Tdraas doll a raas Porr fa vorr
For a gallon of gas.
I want three dollars
Kee aar ro tdraas doll a raas
Don't get this confused with I have three dollars.
That’s fine, but I don’t have three
Aas sta bee en
paa rroo noo
taan goo tdraas
I don't have, not I don't want.
Are you from Mexico?
Aas ouss tel daa
maa hee kan oo
Do you know where it is?
Sa vaa Dun daa sta
it = sta
Do you know?
Sa vaa ouus tel
If I knew, I would have told you.
I know (emphatically)
Yoo saa
Now, don't get me angry.
But in slang it means you.
I have a dollar
Yoo taan goo doll a
I have, not I want.
I want a dollar
Kee aar ro unn doll a
I want, not I have.
I want two dollars
Kee aar ro doos
doll a raas
I would then have enough to look at a gallon of milk.
And you?
Ee ouus tel
Two words, easy enough.
I have lots of pesos
Yoo taan goo
muu choos paa soos
No, I really don't.
How many pesos?
Qwan toos paa soos
Think of the figure skater.
Three pesos
Tdraas paa soos
Not three dollars.
Three hundred (300)
Tdraas see en toos
Almost sounding like the decimal system.
Three hundred (300) pesos
Tdraas see en toos paa soos
Now that's more like it.
I have 300 pesos
Taan goo tdraas
see en toos paa soos
I wish I had 300 pesos.
and two dollars
Ee doos doll a raas
That sounds more about right.
I have four dollars
Yoo Taan goo
qwa tdroo doll a raas
I can buy some ice cream for that much.
Four hundred (400)
Qwa tdroo see en toos
Say, four, hundred.
But how many?
Paa rroo qwan toos
Michelle Qwan is your hint.
400 pesos
Qwa tdroo see en toos paa soos
Lots of money.
Seen koo
Sounds like a board game.
and five dollars
Ee seen koo
doll a raas
That's about how much it costs to buy a lunch.
I want five dollars
Kee aar ro seen koo doll a raas
To buy a lunch of course.
I have five dollars
Yoo Taan goo seen koo
doll a raas
Now off to buy a lunch.
No, four
Noo qwa tdroo
Now I don't know if I have enough for lunch.
What do you want?
Kaa kee aar aa
Do not say have.
A short and simple word.
What do you want miss?
Kaa kee aar aa seen yorr a
Say this with kindness.
Four pesos please
Qwa tdroo paa soos porr fa vorr
No, five pesos
Noo seen koo paa soos
Wait, I need five in order to buy lunch.
I want to eat
Kee aar ro koo mell
I want, not have.
To eat
Koo mell
Sounds like something pertaining to food.
Easy enough.
I want to eat in the hotel
Kee aar ro koo mell in elle hoo tell
Sounds relaxing.
What do you want to eat?
Kaa kee aar aa
koo mell
What, want, eat.
I know
Yoo saa
I know.
You want to eat
Ouss sted kee aar aa koo mell
You want eat.
I know you want to eat in the restaurant
Yoo saa ouss sted kee aar aa
koo mell in elle
rres tow u rran taa
Did you read my mind or are you taking a bold guess.
Yes but, how many pesos do you have?
See paa rroo
qwan toos
paa soos tee en aa
Why should that matter.
I have lots of pesos
Taan goo muu choos paa soos
I have, not I want.
Na da
This word is used in English sometimes as slang.
I don’t want anything
Noo kee aar ro na da
I don't buy that.
Al goo
Not the former Vice-President.
I want something
Kee aar ro al goo
I want something. Not I have something.
I want to eat something
Kee aar ro koo mell al goo
You will need 5 dollars.
Do you want to eat something?
Kee aar ro koo mell al goo
Remember that you are asking a question.
No sir, nothing
Noo seen yorr na da
Translate this one word for word.
I don’t want to eat here
Noo kee aar ro
koo mell a kee
This place is not good enough for me.
Where do you want to eat?
Dun daa kee aar aa koo mell
Where = dundaa
Not much
Noo muu choo
That's how much money I have.
I don’t want to eat!
Yoo noo
kee aar ro koo mell
At this point, you should give up on her.
How many dollars do you have?
Qwan toos
doll a raas
tee en aa
Not as much as Michelle Qwan.
Two hundred (200)
Doos see en toos
That's almost how many days we have to go to school.
And two hundred pesos
Ee doos see en toos paa soos
That would buy me about forty days worth of lunches.
That’s ok
Aas sta bee en
Remember this and use it out side of this program.
Lets go
Va moos
That word reminds me of an evil enemy or something.
Lets go to eat
Va moos a
koo mell
to = a
Ok, lets go
Bee en va moos
You can use this outside of the program too.
I have two hundred pesos
Taan goo doos
see en toos
Paa soos
I have, not I want.
Is Mr. Martinez here?
Aas sta Seen yorr Marr tee nez a kee
No, not Pedro.