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*** I understand a little Spanish
En tee en doo
unn poo koo daa
es pan yooll
A real little.
*** I speak a little Spanish
Ab loo unn poo koo daa
es pan yooll
If you say so.
*** Yes, I understand a little Spanish
See en tee en doo unn poo koo daa es pan yooll
I think that might me somewhat of a lie.
American (female)
north ee a mair ee kon a
North American
*** Are you American? (female)
Aas ouus tel
north ee a mair ee kon a
Do not forget to use question intonation.
Seen yorr a
A married woman.
*** Yes mamm
See seen yorr a
Never, forget your manners.
Good morning
Bwen noos dee ass
You have to wake up before noon to say this.
*** Good morning mamm
Bwen noos dee ass seen yorr a
I think Irish people say something like, "top of the day to" as they tip their hat.
*** Good morning sir
Bwen noos dee ass seen yorr
I don't think Irish people say much in this situation.
*** How are you?
Coo moo es ta ouus ted
This is tricky, but think of it in parts. How - are - you. The word for are is
es ta.
Gdras see es
Remember the trick for rolling r's.
Bee en
Use this word during the day outside of just studying Spanish.
*** Fine thank you
Bee en gdras see es
Manners! Never forget to say thank you.
Moy ee
Think "very well."
*** Very well
Moy ee bee en
I am glad to hear that.
*** Very well, thanks
Moy ee bee en
gdras see es
Great manners!
*** I understand very well
En tee en doo moy ee bee en
Remember it is I understand not you understand. The rest of the sentence is simply putting the words together.
*** Yes, I understand very well
See en tee en doo moy ee bee en
Are we talking about the same language?
Good bye
A dee oos
This is what you say as you are waving to the the girl who told you she didn't speak English.
*** Good bye sir
A dee oos seen yorr
Remember to say this nicely.
*** Good bye mamm
A dee oos seen yorr a
You are saying this to a married woman.
*** I don’t speak very well
Noo ab loo
moy ee bee en
Simply put the words together.
*** You speak very well
Ab la moy ee
bee en
Remember it is you speak and not I speak.
***You speak Spanish very well
Ouus tel ab la
es pan yooll
moy ee bee en
Don't hold your breath until someone says that to you. It could still be awhile.