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What is the equation for the velocity of blood flow?
v= velocity of blood flow(cm/s), Q=blood flow(mL/s),
A= cross sectional area
What famous law is the equation for blood flow analagous to?
Ohm's law: I=V/R
What factors change the resistance of the vasculature system proportionally?
Viscosity and length of the vessel.
In what physiological states does viscosity exist?
Hereditary spherocytosis
What happens to the resistance if the radius of the blood vessel is reduced by 50%?
Increased by a factor of 16(R is proportional to [1/r4th].
Where does the largest decrease in vascular pressure occur?
Across the arterioles, which is the site of greatest resistance in the system.
What is the equation for capacitance?

C= capacitance(ml/mm Hg),
V= volume(mL),
P= pressure(mm Hg)
Which has more capacitance, an artery or a vein? WHY?
Capacitance is inversely related to elastance. Since aretries have more elastic tissue compared to veins, they have less capacitance.
When is the systolic pressure measured?
After the heart contracts
When is diastolic pressure measured?
After the the heart relaxes.
How can you calculate the pulse pressure?
Pulse pressure= systolic- diastolic
What is the major determinant of pulse pressure?
Stroke volume(SV)
What happens to the pulse pressure when the capacitance decreases?
What is the mean arterial pressure(MAP)?
Average arterial pressure with respect to time.
How can you determine MAP?

MAP = 1/3 systolic + 2/3 diastolic
TPR= total peripheral resistance
Which is lower, venous pressure or atrial?
Atrial pressure
How can the left atrial(LA) pressure be estimated?
Pulmonary capillary wedge pressure(PCWP).
What is used to measure LA pressure?
Swan-Ganz catheter.