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The acrosomal cap is the part of the sperm that contains the enzymes necessary for fertilization. TRUE/FALSE
The junction of the ampulla of the ductus deferens and the base of the seminal vesicle is called the________
ejaculatory duct.
The portion of the urethra that passes through the center of the prostate gland is called the____________`
prostatic urethra
The portion of the urethra that penetrates the urogenital diaphragm is the____________
membranous urethra
The portion of the urethra that extends from the distal border of the urogenital diaphragm to the external urethral meatus is the_______
penile urethra
What is the mesovarium?
It is a thickened fold of mesentery that supports and stabilizes the position of the ovary.
The structure that attaches the ovary to the wall of the uterus is the......
ovarian ligament
The suspensory ligament extends from the lateral surface of the ovary to the pelvic wall. TRUE/FALSE
The fimbirae are fingerlike projections at the end of the uterine tube. TRUE/FALSE
The _______ ligaments extend from the lateral surface of the uterus to the anterior surface of the sacrum.
The lateral ligaments extend from the base of the uterus and vagina to the lateral walls of the pelvis.
The endometrium is the inner lining of the uterus. TRUE/FALSE
The shallow recess that surrounds the cervical protrusion into the vagina is called the__________.
Ovarian follicles are specialized structures within an ovary that contain an oocyte. TRUE/FALSE
The zona pellucids is the space between the developing oocyte and the innermost follicle cells. TRUE/FALSE
What is the antrum?
It is the central chamber of a tertiary follicle.
The corona radiata is composed of the follicle cells that surround the oocyte after ovulation. TRUE/FALSE
The functional zone is the layer that undergoes the cyclic changes of the menstrual cycle. TRUE/FALSE
Painful menstruation is called dysmennorhea. TRUE/FALSE
_______ are vaginal mucus glands that resemble the bulbourethral glands of the male.
Greater vestibular glands
The onset of menstruation at puberty is called________
Cysts are created when inflammed lobules of the breast become walled off with scar tissue. TRUE/FALSE
The correspondence between maternal and paternal chromosomes is known as....
Contraction of the cremaster muscle...
moves the testis closer to the body cavity
Contraction of the dartos muscle...
causes wrinkling of the scrotal sac
List 4 functions of the male accessory glands.
1. providing nutrients spermatozoa need for motility
2. propelling spermatozoa and fluids along the reproductive tract
3. produces buffers
4. activating spermatozoa
Removal of the prostate gland would result in semen...
with a lower than normal pH
Damage to the rete testis would interfere with a mans ability to...
produce mature sperm
In a castrated adult male the level of GnRH would be higher. TRUE/FALSE
If the cells in the neurohypophysis that produce oxytocin are blocked from secreting the hormone during lactation....
milk will not be ejected into the lactiferous sinuses.
Which is greater?
blood levels of FSH during the secretory phase of the uterine cycle or in a post menopausal woman>
It is greater in a post menopausal woman.
A boy who has not passed through puberty sustains an injury to his anterior pituitary such that FSH is no longer released, but ICSH(LH) is normal. After the individual grows to maturity, one would expect that he would...
be sterile
Sperm cannot fertilize an ovum unless it has been in the female reproductive tract for several hours. This enhanced ability of the sperm to fertilize an ovum is called....
capacitation. The process of capacitation involves the removal of some inhibiting substances from the sperm.
if adenyl cyclase, the enzyme that converts ATP to cAMP is blocked...
the corpus luteum would not respond to HCG
Jerry is in an auto accident, that severs his spinal cord at the l3 level. Would he still be able to have an erection?
Yes. It is primarily controlled by a parasympathetic reflex that is controlled by the sacral region of the spinal cord(inferior to the injury).
Tactile stimulation of the penis would initiate the parasympathetic reflex that controls erection.
Regarding the above scenario, would he be able to have an erection by a sympathetic route?
Yes. This would be controlled in the T12 to l2 area of the cord(superior to the injury).
A seven year old girl develops an ovarian tumor that involves granulosa cells. What symptoms would you expect to observe?
Granulosa cells produce estrogen, so this would lead to elevated levels of estrogen similar to or higher than those of an adult female. we would expect to observe the development of secondary sex characteristics.