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The sum of all biochemical processes going on within the human body at any given time is called...
During glycolysis...
a molecule of glucose is converted into 2 molecules of pyruvic acid.
Inside the mitochondrion, each pyruvic acid molecule...
loses a carbon atom
The TCA cycle...
begins with the formation of a molecule of citric acid
The CO2 of respiration is formed during...
the TCA cycle
In the electron transport chain...
a. coenzymes recieve H+ atoms from NADH2 and FADH2
b. oxidative phosphorylation takes place and ATP is formed.
In glycolysis, each molecule of glucose that is metabolized releases enough energy to form how many molecules of ATP?
In the process of cellular respiration, each molecule of glucose that is metabolized yields enough energy to form_____ molecules of ATP.
Thirty six(36)
During lipolysis...
triglycerides are broken down into glycerol and fatty acids.
List 4 characteristics of beta-oxidation.
1. It occurs in the mitochondria
2. It is the process that breaks down fatty acids into 2 carbon fragments that can be metabolized by the TCA cycle.
3. It requires coenzyme A, NAD, and FAD
4. It yields large amounts of ATP.
Lipogenesis generally begins with...
acetyl CoA
Linoleic, linolenic and arichodonic acid are examples of...
essential fatty acids.
Lipoproteins containing triglycerides manufactured in the liver are transported to peripheral tissues and are called...
very low density lipoproteins
Lipoproteins carrying mostly cholesterol and phospholipids from peripheral tissues to the liver are called...
high density lipoproteins
catabolism of amino acids requires vitamin...