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The enzyme alpha amylase helps digest...
co products of fat digestion are absorbed by complex carbohydrates
An enzyme that will digest proteins into polypeptides is...
Most products of fat digestion are absorbed by...
lymphatic vessels
The absorption of some electrolytes in the small intestine involves...
The____________ supports all but 25cm of the small intestine and provides stability.
mesentery proper
The greater omentum has adipose tissue and provides padding for the anterior and lateral portions of the abdomen. TRUE/FALSE
Which layer of the digestive tract has a dense irregular connective tissue that surrounds the muscularis mucosae?
The falciform ligament is responsible for stabilizing the liver. TRUE/FALSE
The salivary gland produces app._____ liters of saliva each day.
The digestive epithelium is classified as being either stratified or simple. TRUE/FALSE
App.____ liters of fluid are secreted and reabsorbed into the digestive system each day.
7 (seven)
Identify the salivary gland that secretes a mixture of buffers, glycoproteins, and salivary amylase.
The sheets of serous membrane that connect the parietal peritoneum and the visceral peritoneum are called...
What stabilizes the position of the stomach and provides an access route for blood vessels entering and leaving the liver.
lesser omentum
The lamina propria of the digestive tract contains blood vessels, nerve endings, lymphatic vessels and smooth muscle cells.
lamina propria
Does the esophagus contain goblet cells?
No. The stomach, transverse colon, small and large intestine do however.
Does the small intestine have a serosal lining?
Yes. the rectum, pharynx, esophagus and oral cavity do not.
Alteration in pH is an example of...
local stimulation
Cuspids are also known as canines. TRUE/FALSE
The oral mucosa has____ epithelium.
The ______salivary gland can be found in the floor of the mouth covered by the mucus membrane.
The roof of the mouth is covered with a layer of _____ cells.
Which salivary gland produces a serous secretion containing large amounts of salivary amylase?
The pH of the mouth is app....
The hormone that stimulates the secretion of the stomach and contraction of of the stomach walls is...
Increased secretion by all the salivary glands results from....
parasympathetic stimulation
There are normally a total of ____primary teeth.
The secondary dentition usually contains_____ teeth.
After processing in the stomach, the gastric contents are referred to as___.
Maltose is broken down into 2 molecules of glucose by the enzyme_______.
Micelles are combinations of fatty acids, monoglycerides, and bile salts. TRUE/FALSE
You are caring for a 70 year old patient who is 2 days post-op. During a routine nursing assessment you notice that he has hypo-bowel sounds. You know that this patient must have decreased_________.
The dangling process that aids in preventing aspiration aspiration of food is known as the....
A molecule that blocks the acxtivity of myosin ligfht chain kinase would...
interfere with smooth muscle contraction
A molecule that blocks the action of pacesetter cells would...
decrease intestinal motility
Muscles known as pharyngeal constrictors function in...
The lining of the stomach is composed of simple columnar epithelium. TRUE/FALSE
Which is greater? The pH of the blood in gastric veins during digestion of a large meal, or following a 24 hr fast.
During digestion of a large meal.
Enterogastric reflexes are triggered when the pH of chyme is too low. TRUE/FALSE
If there were a blockage of the opening of the duodenal papilla, list several resulting possibilities.
1. There would be interference with neutralization of gastric chyme
2. decrease protein digestion
3. decrease carbohydrate digestion
4. impair fat digestion
In response to the arrival of acid chyme in the duodenum, the...
blood levels of secretin rise
In response to the hormone secretin, the pancreas secretes a fluid...
rich in bicarbonate
In response to the hormone cholecyctokinin, the pancreas secretes a fluid...
rich in enzymes
List 4 characteristics of cotransport.
1. more than 1 molecule or ion is moved through the cell membrane at one time.
2. ATP is not required by the transport protein
3. saturation phenomenon can be observed.
4. molecules can be moved against a concentration gradient.
Damage to motor fibers in which cranial nerve would not possibly interfere with the deglutition reflex.
X1 cranial. However, damage to nerves V, 1X, X, and X11 would possibly interfere with the deglutition reflex.
A drug that blocks the action of carbonic anhydrase in parietal cells would result in
a higher pH during gastric digestion
A drug that blocks the action of the hormone cholecystokinin would affect...
the composition of pancreatic secretions.
If the pancreatic duct were obstructed, you would expect to see elevated blood levels of...
Aside from a bacterial cause, can severe stress still initiate a digestive ulcer?
Possibly. The body's normal response to stress is increased sympathoadrenal activity. Increased stimulation of the digestive tract by the sympathetic nerves would cause a decrease in mucus secretion in the small intestine as well as decreased motility. After a meal, the acid chyme would not be neutralized as effeciently because of the decreased mucus, and the irritating action would remain longer because of decreased motility. Also bile that would enter from the liver has a detergent action that would further remove the mucus protection from the cells, making them more vulnerable to the effects of the stomach acid.
Why is a low fat diet recommended with gall bladder disease?
The gall bladder functions to concentrate and store bile produced by the liver. In this capacity, the gall bladder reabsorbs water from the bile. Since bile salts are produced from cholesterol, these salts will be precipitated as cholesterol like gall-stones if too much water is reabsorbed. Whenever bile is released by the gall bladder in response to the presence of fats in the duodenum, the smooth muscle in the wall of the gall bladder must contract. This generates pain ans a burning sensation.
What is Crohn's disease?
It is a regional inflammation of the intestine. The small intestine, the jejunum and ileum, are probably involved. the inflammed tissue will not absorb nutrients, and the individual may lose weight. Anemia is also a common finding.