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The lamina propria and mucus epithelium are components of the...
The myenteric plexus is...
a network of neurons
Contraction of the ________ alters the shape of the intestinal lumen and moves epithelial pleats and folds.
muscularis mucosa
The ______ are double sheets of peritoneal membrane that hold some of the visceral organs in their proper position.
Sensory nerve cells,,parasympathetic ganglia, and sympathetic postganglionic fibers can be found in the...
submucosal plexus
Sandwiched between the layer of circular and longitudinal muscle in the muscularis externa is the...
myenteric plexus
large blood vessels and lymphatics are found in the...
The layer of loose connective tissue beneath the digestive epithelium is the...
lamina propria
Name 4 regions where you can find stratified squamous epithelial lining.
1. rectum
2. esophagus
3. oropharynx
4. oral cavity
Powerful peristaltic contractions that occur a few times each day in the colon are called...
mass movements
Three pairs of salivary glands secrete into the oral cavity. TRUE/FALSE
The ______ gland empties into the oral cavity at the level of the second upper molar.
The bulk of each tooth consists of a mineralized matrix similar to that of bone called...
The portion of a tooth that receives blood vessels and nerves is the...