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Developed fruit fly model (drosophilia)
Thomas Hunt Morgan
Drosophilia has a ____ week generation period.
Dros. molting occurs on __, __, __ days, and the third instar molts to ____. They are fertile within ___ hrs.
1, 2, 4. Immobile pupa. 12 hrs.
Dros have __ pairs of chromosomes, they are ___, and ____ __, __, __.
4. Autosomes 2,3,4.
T/F The growing dros. larva does not keep the same number of cells.
False, it does.
Dros. sex determination is hormonal, T/F.
F, is it genetic.
Dros hormones control _____ _____.
Sexual differentiation.
The hormone ____ is necessary for sperm maturation.
Sperm are stored in the _____.
Ovaries are made up of _____, and the types of ovary depend on ____ ____.
Ovarioles. Accessory Cells.
_____ _____ stimulates fat bodies to synthesize and export yolk.
juvenile hormone
Food enters the _____ and is ____ into the mouth by the ____ ____.
buccal cavity, aspirated, cibarial muscles
_________ grinds food like a gizzard – smaller particles pass into the ____ , larger are refluxed into the _____.
Proventriculus, midgut, crop
Ground food particles pass through the ____ ____ into ventriculus.
stomodeal valve
Most digestion and absorption occur in ___
______ ______ increase surface area for absorption and secrete
Gastric caecae
____ secretes chitin fibrils embedded in a proteincarbohydrate
matrix that protects the epithelial lining of the ____.
Cardial epithelium, ventriculus.
____ regulates flow from ventricle to hind gut.
Pyloric valve
Malpighian tubules extract wastes from the hemolymph and secrete them into the ____.
Hindgut plays a major role in homeostasis by regulating absorption of ____.
water and salts
____ remove more than 90% of the water from the feces, leaving
a dry fecal pellet
Rectal pads
____ (major blood sugar in insects); can be __ mg/ml in
hemolymph – allows diffusion down its concentration gradient
into muscle cells.
Trehalose, 20 mg/ml.
Two storage forms of carbohydrate: ____ in
the fat body, and ____ in the hemolymph
glycogen, trehalose
Predominant lipid transport form is ____ which
associates with the hemolymph lipoprotein – ____
diacylglycerol, lipophoren
Fatty acids are hydrolyzed off ____ at the muscle cells –fatty acids enter the muscle – ____ and ____ recycle to the fat body
lipophoren, glycerol and lipophoren
____ ____: range between minimum and maximum metabolic
rates measured by rate of ____ consumption. Insect ____ ____ has the largest metabolic scope in the animal kingdom.
Metabolic scope, oxygen, flight muscle
____ flight muscle: tubular and close-packed types
Relatively slow wing beat frequencies (4 to 20 beats per sec)
____ flight muscle: fibrillar type
High wing beat frequencies (190-1000 beats/sec)
____ effects visceral muscles of the hindgut, and is a neurotransmitter/neurohormone.
In insect immunity ______ are rapid while ____ response are slower but longer lasting.
Hemocytic, humoral
Plasmatocytes are involved in the ____ response
_____ are in involved in rupturing and forming coagulant
hemocytes lack ___ ____
basement matrices
____ on the cell walls of bacteria induce prod of ___ in the _____, which leads to prod of ____ which are produced by the fat body
peptidoglycans, hemolin, hemolymph, cecropins
attacins are specific for ___ bacteria and work in synergy with ____ and ____
alimentary, cecropins and lysozyme
lysozyme hydrolyzes ___ that encase bacterial membranes
Insects generall have 10 pairs of spiracles, 2 on the ___ and ___ thoracic segments and ___ on the abdominal segments
meso and metathoracic, 8