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The endocrine and the nervous system is the body's two major ...
communication systems
Communication within the nervous system is ______ whereas the endocrine system signals have .....

much longer delays and last for much greater lengths of time
The endocrine system consists of
all those glands, termed endocrine glands, that secrete hormones
Endocrine glands are also called
ductless glands to distinguish them from all other (exocrine) glands
Hormones are
chemical messengers that enter the blood, which carries them from endocrine glands to the cells upon which they act
The cells a particular hormone influences are the
target cells for that hormone
The endocrine system differs from most of the other organ systems of the body in that the
various glands are not anatomically connected however they do form a system in the functional sense
a single gland may secrete _______ hormones
The usual pattern in such cases is that a single cell type secretes only one hormone, so that multiple hormone secretion reflects the presence of
different types of endocrine cells in the same gland
In a few cases, a single cell may secrete more than
one hormone