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ossification is
bone formation
the skeleton i s formed of carilidge at _______months after fertilization.
ossification is the synthesis of bones _____________ ____________ by ____________.
organic matrix ,osteoblasts
1.)secrete fibers and polymuchosacharides
2.)calcify the matrix
endochondral ossification occurs
after birth
endochondral ossification starts in the _________ and ____________ of long bones.
diaphysis and epiphysis
epiphyseal plate is also known as the
growth plate
bones grow in diameter by __________ increasing the outer diameter of bone while ____________ increase in diameter inside.
osteoblasts , osteoclasts , endosteum
stress stimulates
bone growth
exercise causes bones to lay down more ________ ____________ and ________ __________ in the _________.
collagen fibers, mineral salts, matrix