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what is the name of the study of the functtions of the skin
each inch of skin contains
15 feet of blood vessels, 100 oil glands, 650 sweat glands
how does massage lower stress in the body
by sending messages to the brain through nerve stimulation
what do the sensory nerve endings respond do
touch, pain, pressure, cold and heat
what surrounds the cells in the epidermis
in what layer of the skin does cell division occur continuously
basal cell layers/stratum germinativium
what passes thru the stratum lucidum
where is the stratum lucidum located
palms of hands and soles of feet
the dermis is how many times thicker than the epidermis
which layer connects the dermis to the epidermis
what happens to the subcutis layer as u age
it decreases
which fibers are dispersed to sweat and oil glands
secretory nerve fibers
their glandular sacs open into the hair follicles
sebaceous glands
when are eccrine glands more active
during physical activity
when checking for existing moles , what changes should u look for
asymmetry, border, color, diameter
how do weakened blood vessels affect the skin
decease circulation, depriving tissues of oxygen
which vitamin is also known as ascorbic acid
vitamin a is well known for treating what kind of skin condition
which vitamin is ans antioxidant that can help prevent certain types of cancer
water composes what percentage of the bodys weight
50 to 70
formula for how many glasses of water to have
divide your body weight by 2; divide this number by 8
what r 2 of the three basic food groups
proteins and carbs
what are enzymes
catalysts that break down complex food molecules to smaller molecules
how does teh immune system use proteins
proteins define what is an invader and how the body will react
what is included in a vegan diet
plant products and no dairy
why is glucose the most important carbs
it provides most of the bodys energy
what are three basic types of carbs
simple sugars, starches, and fiber/cellulose
what is a disaccharide made of
two molecular sugar units
where is glucose stored
muscles and liver
what does your body use to manufacture fat
carbs and protein
what do sebaceous glands use to lube the skin
how many extra calories does it take for the body to store one pound of fat
what does fortified mean
vitamin a has been added to the food product
vitamin for eyesite
2 antioxidants
vitamin e and betacarotene
vitamin k found
enzymes that function in the energy production by cells are called
which vitamin is strongly connected to protein synthesis
which 2 sub synthesized by pantothenic acid make up part of the barrier function of the skin
cholesterol and phospholipids
what inorganic materials are required for many reactions of the cells and the body
trace minerals
a body only needs trace amounts of what mineral
iron and iodine
carbs should make up what percent of the daily diet
55 to 60 percent