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Monocytes enter the blood from the bone marrow and circulate for app. 72 hours. TRUE/FALSE
TRUE. They then enter tissues and become tissue macrophages(Kuppfer cells/ microglia/dust cells, pulmonary)= Tissue macrophage system.
How are macrophages activated?
By lymphokines from T cells.
They secrete up to 100 substances, including factors that affect lymphocytes and other cells, prostaglandins of the E series and clotting factors.
What is neutrophil hypomotility?
It is a disorder of phagocytic function. Actin in the neutrophils does not polymerize normally, and neutrophils move slowly.
Chronic granulomatous disease- there is a failure to generate O2- in both neutrophils.
What happens in severe congenital glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency?
There are multiple infections because of failure to generate the NADPH necessary for O2- production.
In congenital myeloperoxidase deficiency, microbial killing power is reduced because hypohalite ions are not formed.
After birth, some lymphocytes are formed in the bone marrow, however most are formed in the lymphnodes, thymus and spleen. TRUE/FALSE
TRUE. Lymphocytes enter the blood stream, usually via the lymphatics.
At any given time, about 2% of body lymphocytes are in peripheral blood. The rest are in lymphoid organs.
It is calculated that in humans, 3.5 X 10/10 lymphocytes per day enter the circulation via the thoracic duct alone.