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According to your book, the ultimate purpose of having a brain is to:
Control movement.
A. control movement

B. solve logical problems

C. control hormone release

D. comprehend language
Cardiac muscles have properties:
Intermediate between those of smooth and skeletal muscles.
A. just like those of smooth muscles

B. just like othose of skeletal muscles

C. just like those of antagonistic muscles

D. intermediate between those of smooth and skeletal muscles
A contraction of equal force in antagonistic muscles of the arm would result in ______ of the arm
No movement.
A. flexion

B. extension

C. no movement

D. rotation
Symptons of myasthenia gravis are a result of a(n)
Decrease in ACh receptors in the muscles.
A. decrease in ACh levels in the brain

B. decrease in ACh receptors in the muscles

C. increase in ACh levels in the brain

D. increase in ACh receptors in the muscles
Which of the following are two kinds of proprioceptors?
Muscle spindles and Golgi tendon organs.
A. extensors and contractors

B. contractors and muscle spindles

C. muscle spindles and Golgi tendon organs

D. muscle spindles and extensors
A motor program is a:
movement that, once triggered, continues automatically until its completion.
A. mechanism that guides movment on the basis of snesory feedback.

B. mechanism that produces an alternation between two movements

C. plan for training a brain-damaged person to walk

D. movement that, once triggered, continues automatically until its completion
A single muscle can contract in more than one direction. (T/F)
Central pattern generators are most likely to be found in the spinal cord. (T/F)
The symptons of cerebellar damage resemble those of alcohol intoxication. (T/F)
Late-onset Parkinson's disease is largely genetically determined. (T/F)