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Snare Proteins
SynaptoTagmin, Synapto Brevin
Botulinum Toxin
blcoks synaptobrevin
3 ways to clear Neurotransmitters from cleft
1. diffuse away
2. Ach Esterase
3. Transporter (Na symport)
coccaine = dopanmine transporter inhibiter
two NT receptor types are?
1. Ionotropic Receptor
- one channel/2 NT
- e.g. nicotinic receptor (skeletal muscle)
2. Mechanotropic R (G protein)
- cascade, and more spots for regulation
What is EPSP mean?
Excitatory Post Synaptic Potential. During a post synaptic response the cell depolorizes to -15mV. This is due to both g(NA) and g(K) increasing but g(NA) goes up by 1.25
Example of NT being an IPSP or EPSP
muscular-> EPSP
heart-> IPSP
Difference between Nerve-Nerve vs. Nerve-Muscle is?
-up to 200k synapses
-Axon Hillock
-temperol and spatial summation

-One nerve synapse
- more sensitive
- can't have spatial summation