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What are the three meninges of the brain and what layers are they?
1. Dura Mater (tough outer membrame)
2. Arachnoid Membrame (weblike membrame in the middle)
3. Pia Mater (means pious mother): adheres to the CNS surface
What is the cerebral aqueduct?
it connects the thrid and forth ventricles of the brain
What happens if the cerebral aqueduct is blocked?
The cerebrospinal fluid gets blocked and the brain begins to expand- hydrocephalus-
How is hydrocephalus treated?
treated by draining excess fluid and trying to remove the obstruction in the cebral aqueduct
What are the various neuron types?
Multipolar neurons
Unipolar neurons
Biopolar neurons
Multipolar INTRAneurons
What is the structure of a multipolar neuron? (SG picutre)
it has more than two processes
What is structure of a bipolar neuron? (SG picture
it has two processes extending from its body.
What is structure of a unipolar neuron? (SG picutre)
It has one process extending form its body.
What is sturcture of a multipolar INTERneuron?
No clearly defined dendrive/axon structure.
What is the job of a multipolar interneuron
They integrate neural activity within a single brain structure; not communicate different structures with eachother.
What are parts of a cell body (aka soma)?
Nucleus (DNA & RNA), cytoplasm (mitochondria & ribosomes), cell membrame
In general, what is the function of the soma of a neuron?
it is the metabolic center of the neuron
What does DNA and RNA do?
DNA: contains genetic blueprints of the cell
RNA: regulates the protein synthesis in the cell
What is the cytoplasm in the soma and what does it have in it?
it is the jellylike stuff in the cell body that contains mitochondria and ribosomes.
What do mitochondria do?
extract energy from foods
What do ribosomes do?
they synthesize new proteins
What is the function of the cell membrame?
it controls the flow of substances in and out of the cell
In general, what is the function of the axon?
transmits information from the neuron
What are the parts of the axon? (6 of them...)
1. Axon hillock
2. Teleodendria
3. Presynaptic Terminal
4. Neurotransmitters
5. Synaptic Cleft
6. Neuromuscular junction
What does the axon hillock do?
area where axon joins cell body
What do the Teleodendria do?
They branch at end of the axon, away from the cell body. (axon)
What is the presynaptic terminal?
the swelling at the end of the axon (axon)
What do the synaptic vesicles do?
they are sacs containing the neurotransmitter (axon)
What are neurotransmitters?
They are chemicals that affect the membrame of another cell.