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What does a bundle of fibers create?
A muscle.
Can a single axon innervate more than one fiber in muscle tissue?
What are the three classes of muscle in the vertebrate?
1. smooth.

2. skeletal.

3. cardiac.
What is the function of smooth muscle?
The movement of internal organs.
What is the function of skeletal muscle?
Movement of the skeleton.
What is the function of cardiac muscle?
Controls the heart; properties are intermediate between the other two classes.
What is the neuromuscular junction?
The synapse between motor neuron axons and msucle fibers.
What is released into the neuromuscular junctions of skeletal muscles?
What is excitation?
What is non-excitation?
What are antagonistic mucscles?
Pairs of complimentary muscles that work together to move a limb two ways.
What is a flexor?
Raises and flexes the limb.
What is an extensor?
Extends and straightens the limb.
What are proprioceptors?
Receptors that detect the position or movement of part of the body. They detect stretch and tension.
What is a stretch reflex?
A spinal cord signal that orders a stretched muscle to relax.