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What are the three general principles of perception?
1. Recepotrs are specialized cells that activate to one and only one specific form and range of energy.

2. Most of the receptors can respond to the smallest possible unit of that energy.

3. Law of specific nerve energies.
What is the law of specific nerve energies?
Receptors send modality-specific signals. If an auditory signal is sent to the visual center, the brain will reorganize to respond to the auditory signal.
What is a modality?
everything the body needs to process a signal (sound, taste, etc).
What two parts of the eye function in focusing?
Cornea and lens. The cornea does 80% of the focusing, lens does 20%.
What is the vitreous humor?
Nearly clear liquid that keeps the orb inflated.
Where are rods located?
The periphery of the visual field.
Where are cones located?
The center of the visual field.