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What hormone(s) does the Adrenal Medulla make?
What are the main hormone(s) made from the Adrenal Cortex , along with their appropriate zones, make?
Z Reticularis - the androgens
Z. Fas. - Cortisol
Z. Glomerulosa - Aldosterone
What are the 3 zones in the Adrenal Cortex?
from central (inward) to periphery (outward) - Zona Reticularis, Z. Fasciculata and Z. Glomerulosa
What regulates androgen & cortisol AND aldosterone?
Androgen and Cortisol is regulated by ACTH while aldosterone by Angiotensin II and K+
Name the 6 steroid hormones from the Adrenal Cortex?
Glucocorticoids_ Cortisol and cortisterone
Mineralcorticoids - Aldosterone and DOC
Androgens - dehydroeplandrsoterone and endrostenedione
What is the primary regulator of Aldosterone?
renin-angiotensin system
What are the 3 functions of Aldosterone?
1)to increase Na+ reabsorption by the kidney via increasing the gene expression of proteins such as Na transporters (on apical surface) and Na/ATPase (basolateral surface)

2) increase K+ excretion

3)increase H+ excretion

OVERALL: conserve body Na+ and maintain extracellular fluid volume
Explain how renin-angiotensin works?
1. renin released and catalizes RLS, syn of Angiotensin II which stimulates Gq protein coupled receptors. These activate Phospholipase C which activates IP3 pathway which causes increase in Ca++ and then increases Aldosterone Synthase activity. STAR is induced by a Ca++-calmodulin-dependent mechanism.

AII not only does above, it stimulates growth and vascularization of zona glomerulosa
How does K+ play a role in aldosterone synthesis?
glomerulosa cells are sensitive to [K+] and K+ will induce Ald synthesis by activating V-G Ca++ channels
What is the aldosterone escape?
Na+ retention is decreased after the initial level of increased levels of aldosterone. There is nothing similar for H+ and K+ excretion
What are other targets for aldosterone besides the kidnes?
salivary glands, sweat glands and colon
What is the impt of 11B-HSD2?
(11B-hydroxysteroid DH)
Cortisol and Aldosterone bind the mineralcorticoid receptor equally and since there is 100x more cortisol than Aldosterone 11b-HSD2 inactivates cortisol to cortisone so, mr's don't get overwhelmed
What are the main androgens?
DHEA and androstenedione
Do DHEA and androstenedione activate the androgen receptor?
No, but they contribute to the pool
What happens at age 8 to the circulating levels of androgens?
they increase and it is called adrenarche. But this does NOT apprear to initiate puberty
What is the primary source of androgens for males?
What is the primary source of androgens for females?
adrenal gland
What do females use androgens for?
maintain libido and growth of pubic/axillary hair