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What physical property of matter can you measure with cubic centimenters?
Which object would have the greatest density if you had twenty kilograms of it: cement, feathers, paper clips, or plastic bottles?
Which is a chemical property: malleability, color, flammability, or conductivity?
In which state of matter do particles move slowest: gas, solid, liquid, or plasma?
How is plasma different from gas?
The particles in plasma have electric charges.
What is a substance's melting point the same as?
It is the same as its freezing point.
What do we call the amount of space an object takes up?
If you put an object in a glass of water and it sinks, and another object in another glass of water and it floats, which one has greater density?
The object that sinks has greater density.
If a metalworker can shape a piece of metal with a hammer, what property is the metal worker using and is it a physical or chemical property?
The metalworker is using malleability, which is a physical property.
Be able to draw a diagram of particles of matter in the following states:
gas, liquid, solid
How would you describe water vapor created by boiling water?
It is the gas above boiling water.
How is a chemical change different from a physical change?
In a chemical change, a substance changes into another substance. In a physical change, the substance stays the same.
What measurement changes when you take an object from Earth to the moon?
What kind of container could you use to prevent a chocolate bar from melting in the Sun?
an insulated container
The Statue of Liberty used to be a shiny copper color. Now it has a green patina. Is this a chemical or a physical change?
It is a chemical change, because the green patina is a different substance.