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------- speed is the distance traveled per unit of time
A point on the ---------- edge of a merry go round travels a greater distance in one complete rotation than a point ---------- the center.
outside; nearer
--------- speed involves the number of rotations or revolutions per unit of time.
Tangential speed is directly proportional to --------- for any given rotational speed.
Tangential speed= radial distance X RPM

To find radial distance-->
2pi X r/ time
Newtons Laws:
- unless compelled by force
- acceleration proportional to net force
- equal and opposite force
Property of object to resist change
rotational inertia
The greater the distance between an objects mass concentration and the axis, the greater -->
rotational inertia
The rotational inertia of any object depends on --.
the axis about which it rotates

ex: 3 pencils (rotational inertia small with pencil core parallel to length of pencil?
Torque tends to -->
twist or change the state of rotation of things
Both rotational inertia and --------- involve distance from the axis of rotation.
In the case of torque, the distance, which provides leverage is called the ---------
lever arm
Torque is the product of this -------- and the force that tends to produce rotation.
lever arm
The lever arm about any axis of rotation is the ------------ distance from the axis to the line along which the force acts.
The center of mass of a baseball bat is toward the --------- end.
------------------ is a term popularly used to express center of mass.
center of gravity
Center of gravity is simply the average position of -------distribution.
When weight is part of the picture we should favor the term --------------
center of gravity
The center of mass of a ring or a hollow sphere is at the -->
center where no matter exists
If we draw a straight line down from the center of gravity of an object of any shape and it falls ------------- it is in stable equilibrium. (it will balance)
inside the base
Any force directed toward a fixed center is called -->
centripetal force
A baseball bat has greater rotational inertia about an axis at its -->
light end, where the handle is
A condition for mechanical equilibrium is that the sum of the forces acting equal zero. Another condition is that the sum of the -->
torques equal zero