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List the order of the EM spectrum from short wavelength to long wavelength.
Cosmic, gamma, x-ray, ultra-violet, visible light, infrared, microwaves, radio waves
why do photographers use red lights in their darkrooms?
red has a low energy level
what is the symbol used in an equation for the speed of light? what is the speed of light in m/s?
c;3E8 m/s
who determined that the energy of an electromagnetic waves and its frequency are proportional?
A new anti terrorist technique detects the differences in electromagnetic waves by humans and by weapons made of metals, plastic, or ceramic. one possible range of wavelengths used with this technique is from 2-5mm. calculate the associated range of frequencies
3E8=f(.005) 3E8=f(.005)

list 4 wave behaviors.
reflection, refraction, diffraction, interference
define the wave behaviors and give an example of each.
reflection-bouncing; mirrors
refraction-bending; a pencil in a glass of water
diffraction-spreading out; sunglass, waves on the bottom of the pool
interference-constructive and destructive; patterns of light that can be viewed on a screen.
how can you tell if a pair of sunglasses has polarizing lenses?
hold at a right angle to a known pair of polarizers.
is light from the sky polarized?
define the photoelectric effect.
ability to create an electric current in a metal from light.
if bright yellow and dim yellow were to shine on the same photocell, which would eject more electrons?
if bright yellow and dim green light shine on a photocell, which will emit electrons having a high energy?
define photon.
particle of light
if an electron moves to a higher quantum state it must _______ a photon.
if an electron moves to a lower quantum state it must ______ a photon.
list the primary colors of light.
blue, red, green
list the secondary colors of light.
magenta, yellow, cyan
define complementary colors.
primary and secondary colors of light that form white when seen together.
cyan and yellow paint
blue and yellow light
pure blue and pure yellow paint
green and red light
pure green and pure blue pigment
opaque magenta shirt and white light
opaque magenta shirt and red light
opaque magenta shirt and cyan light
opaque magenta shirt and green light
opaque magenta shirt and yellow light
a substance is known to reflect green and blue light. what color would it appear to be when it is illuminated by white light? by blue light?
cyan; blue
brown is a mixture of yellow with small amounts of red and green. if you shine red light on a brown woolen blanket, what color will the blanket appear? will it appear lighter or darker than is would under white light?
red; darker
a lens for a spotlight is coated so that it does not transmit yellow light. if the light source is white, what is the resulting color of the spotlight?
a house is painted with pigments that reflect red and blue light but absorb all other colors. what color does the house appear to be when it is illuminated by white light? what color does it appear to be under red light?
magenta; red
what pigments would an artist need to mix to obtain a yellow-green color? what would a theatre-lighting designer need to mix in order to produce the same color with light?
yellow, cyan; red, green