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What is the function of an optic distributer
coupling light image on the output phosphorus of the recording camer
What is the function of an optic distributer
coupling light image on the output phosphorus of the recording camer
What does an optic coupling system look like
What are 2 cameras that can be present on a flouroscopic system
cine camera (35mm motion picture film) or photospot camera (
What type of film is in a photospot camera
100-mm cut film or 105-mm
roll film
What are most cine cameras being replaced by
video/digital sytem
3 functions of optic coupling
transmission of a focused image from the II output window to the focal plane of all cameras
ensuring the brightness of the images at the camera focal plane is correct for each camera
-sampling the light level of the II output phosphor and transmitting this information to the AEC of the generator
Optic distributor (optic coupling system)
What is the function of the beam splitting mirror
During cine operation, a
semisilvered, beam-splitting mirror simultaneously
provides images to both cameras. During coronary
angiography, for example, this mirror allows real-time monitoring of the injection with the video
camera while images are recorded on film.
During flouroscopy when the cine camera is not being used is all the light going to the camera
yes, During
fluoroscopy, the mirror is removed from the beam
path so that all of the light passes to the video
Where is the collimating lense
Does each camera have its own aperature
yes the video and cine
How is light directed to the AEC
Also included in the beam path is a small mir-
ror or prism for directing light to the AEC sensor
What is the focal length of the collimating lense
this is the distance between the output phosphorus and the collimating lense (FL)
What is meant by focal plane
where the lense focuses light
Where are the video targert and the cine target
Since the light leaving the collimating lens is focused at infinity what is needed to refocus the light onto the video camera target and the cine camera target
video camera lens and cine camera lens
A property of collimated light is that every re-gion within the beam path contains light from all
points on the output phosphor
look at the colors and how they come from every part of the lens (this should be output phosphor)
Where are the video and cine apertures
before the lens