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coherent light
A beam of light in which all the electromagnetic waves travel with the crests and troughs aligned; thus, the beam does not spread out.
p 575
focal length
The distance from the center of a lens or mirror to its focal point.
focal point
A point on the optical axis of a concave mirror or convex lens where the light rays come together.
optical fiber
Transparent glass fiber that can transmit light from one place to another
p 578
polarized light
Light in which the transverse waves vibrate only along one plane
real image
An image produced where light rays converge, as with a concave mirror or convex lends; a real image is real, enlarged, upside-down, and can be projected onto a screen
telephoto lens
A lens having a long focal length and producing an enlarged, close-up image of an object.
total internal reflection
Occurs when all the light striking a surface between two materials is reflected totally back into the first material
virtual image
An image formed of diverging light rays, as in a plane or convex mirror, or seen through a concave lens.
A virtual image can't be projected onto a screen.
wide-angle lens
A lens with a short focal length that produces a relatively small image of an object, but includes much of the object's surroundings