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What is a form of energy transfer?
Sound or propagation of vibration through a medium.
What is acoustic power?
The rate at which sound energy is transferred through a medium.
What is absolute acoustic power?
This refers to the number of watts of power contained in a sound wave.
What is relative measure of acoustic power?
When one absolute measure of acoustic power is compared to another.
What is a level?
The ratio of one absolute measure of acoustic power to another.
Level = ?

Wx = the absolute measure of some acoustic power
Wo = a reference measure of acoustic power
What is the importance of specifying the reference power when determining a level?
Failure to specify the absolute power of reference makes any statement regarding level of power meaningless.
-absolute 50 watts, reference 2 watts, level = 25
-absolute 50 watts, reference 25 watts, level = 2