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the product of the magnitudes of the component of a force along the direction of displacement and the displacement
the energy of an object due to its motion
kinetic energy
the net work done on an object is equal to the change in the kinetic energy of the object
work kinetic energy theorem
the energy associated with an object due to the position of the object
potential energy
the potential energy associated with an object due to the position of the object relative to the Earth or some other gravitational source
gravitational potential energy
the potential enrgy in a stretched or compressed elastic object
elastic potential energy
a parameter that expresses how resistant a spring is to being compressed or stretched
spring constant
the sum of kinetic enrgy and all forms of potential energy
mechanical energy
the rate at which energy is transferred
(W) work
units are joules (J) conversions N*m or kg*m squared/s squared
KE, PE, PE elastic
units are joules
(P) power
units are watts (W) to convertJ/s
1 hp
746 watts