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What is energy?
the ability to do work
When work is done 2 important factors are present....what are they?
1)a force is exerted
2)the force cause something to move
Work is therefore done where?
ON the object that is moved
The unit of energy is the _______
Joule (J)
The main forms of energy are?
mechanical, heat, light, electrical, chemical, nuclear and sound
There are 2 types of mechanical them.
1)potential or stored energy
2)kinetic enery, possesed by moving bodies
What is non-renewable energy?
non-renewable energy is, sources of energy that exist only in a fixed amount
Give 3 examples of non-renewable energy
coal, oil and natural gas
What is renewable energy?
renewable energy is, sources of energy that will continue to exist as long as the sun does
What is density?
density is defined as the mass per unit of volume(how much of the substance is present in a given volume)
As the mass increases and the volume remains the same then the density will _________
If the mass remains the same then the volume decreases the density _____________
Density =
What is the unit of density?
kilogram per cubic metre
For smaller volumes?
gram per centimetre cubed
What is pressure?
the force that is applied over a given area.
To determine pressure you must know the what?
the force applied and the area over which it is applied
pressure =
P =
What is the unit of pressure?
newton metre square or pascal (Pa)