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What are the ordinary states of matter?
What are the characteristics of a solid?
-has a fixed volume and shape
What are the characteristics of a liquid?
-does not maintain a fixed shape
What are the characteristics of a gas?
-has neither a fixed shape nor a fixed volume
What are the non-ordinary states of matter?
-liquid crystals
What are the characteristics of plasma?
-very high temperature (5000+ degrees C)
-consists of ionized atoms (colloids)
What is density?
-How dense something is
-equal to mass/volume
-in gram/cm^3 or Kg/m^3
What is linear density?
What is volume density?
What is population density?
#of people/area
What is the density of water?
What is pressure in fluids?
-can only be used with gases and liquids
-equal to force/area
-in Newton/m^2 or 1 Pascal