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Angular Momentum
Product of rotational inertia and rotational velocity
Law of Conservation of Momentum
An object or syem of objcts will maintain a constant angular momentum unles acted upon by an unbalanced external torque
Lever Arm
The perpendicular distance between an axis an the line of action of a force that tends to produce rotation about an axis
The deviation of an orbiting object from its path around a center of force caused by the action of an additional center of force.
Rotational Velocity
Rotational speed together with a direction for the axis of rotation or revolution
The rotational analog of force; hte product of froce and lever arm. produce rotational acceleration
Inverse-Square Law
A phyical quantity varies as another quantity squared.
Law of Universal Gravitation
For any pair of objects, each object attracts the other with a force that is directly proportional to the product of the masses of the objects, and inveresely proportionall to the square of their distances between their center of masses.
Linear Momentum
Product of mass and velocity of an object.
Rotational Inertia
The reluctance of an object to change its state of rotation, determined by the distribution of the mass of the object and the location of the axis of rotation or revolution
Tangential Velocity
the speed of an object moving along a circular path
Universal Gravitational Constant
The constant G in the equation
6.67 * 10 -11
n2 m2/kg2