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What percentage of women receive prenatal care in the first trimester?
What percentage of women receive no prenatal or get in 3rd trimester?
When does organogenesis begin?
17 days after fertilization
What are the risk factors assoc with being overwt during pregnancy?
Gestational diabetes, labor and delivery difficulties.
What are the risk factors assoc with being underwt during pregnancy?
Pre term Labor, small gestational wt
What are the recommended doses of folic acid in pregnancy and if there is a Hx of neural tube defect?
.4mg in pregnancy
4mg with Hx of ONTD
What is the recommended dose of caffeine consumption during pregnancy?
Less than 300 mg daily
What is Chadwick's sign?
Pregnant uterus has a soft and cyanotic
What is measured during a pregnancy test?
Beta subunit of human chorionic gonadotropin
urine--> 25 home preg
serum--> 5
When can ultrasound detect pregnancy?
5 weeks when the gestational sack is visible
When r the fetal pole and hrt beat visible?
6 weeks
What are the minimum number of visits a women should have during her antenatal period?
When does the uterus become an abdominal organ?
12-14 weeks
What is th eminea nigra?
Brwonish / black pigemented lin following the midline of abdomen
Hpw does Naegele's rule calc projected birth date of neonate?
(First day of last menstrual period + 7days)- 3 months + 1 yr
When should an expectant mother be visiting the doctor every 4 weeks?
initial - 28 weeks
When should an expectant mothere be visting the doctor every 2-3 weeks?
28 - 36 weeks
When should an expectant mother be visting the doctor every week?
36 weeks - delivery
What do low and high levels of alpha fetoprotein signify a risk for?
Low - Trisomy 18 and 21
High - neural tube defects / ventral wall defects
When is Rh testing perfomred
26-28 weeks