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Alcohol Abuse
cutting down
annoyed about others criticism
eye opener
Pregnancy induced hypertension
regresses post partum

1) hypertension w/o proteinuria or pathological edema
2) Preeclampsia w/proteinuria and or pathological edema
3) eclampsia same as above with convulsions
4) poor blood to placenta
Second Trimester of pregnancy
Physical exam for interim visit
fundal height
fetal heart tones (pulse 120-160)
urine glucose
proteinuria (preg induc hypert)
Other tests in second trimester
amniocentesis(.5% risk)
CVS (1-1.5%)
ultrasounds (no risk to fetus or mom)
Reproductive options in counseling
Seeing 3 viewpts
your culture and value
the patients culture and value
medical culture and values
3 types of risk takers
maximize benefit -high risk
Satisfiers - optimize benefit but protects downside
Harmo-minimizers - first do no harm, low risk
The new born exam
when administered?
given at 0 and 5 min of life

1) A - appearance(skin color)
2) P - Pulse(hear heart rate)
3) G - grimace (reflex irritability or stim response
4) A - Activity(muscle tone)
5) B - respiratory effort(breathing/crying)
New Born exams
1) blood gluc(below 50-55)
2) complete blood count(CBC)
3) Blood Type and Ab screen (esp if mother is type O or Rh-(rogane))
4) TSH and T4(thyroid function)
5)Bilirubin if indicated
6) HIV test is not done(just AZT -> 6 months)