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A permanent deviation from a specific security requirement
Any unit of the naval shore establishment
An armed force derived from host and tenant commands
Petty larceny
Corrective courses of action and expected dates of completion
Principal advisor in matters pertaining to the security of classified information
Security manager
Offensive measures taken to prevent terrorism
All assets
A real property entity
Responsible for the development of a command's physical security program
Security Officer
A written temporary relief
A grouping of facilities
Who is ultimately responsible for security
What instruction covers in detail how the security officer should perform his duties?
The duties of a security department fall into a total of how many basic categories
Regardless of its size or mission, each activity is required to have which of the following security commitees?
PSRC (Physical Security Review Commitee)
Who should act as the chairperson of the physical security review comittee?
Security Officer
What security comittee is designed to address security-related matters on an installation-wide perspective?
Personnel selected as the command key control officer ideally should have a clearance equal to the highest level of classified material held at the command
Which personnel should NOT have access to a central key room
Public works officer
The lack of free play in a car ball end seal may indicate tampering. Approximately how much free play, in inches, should there be?
How often should all unused seals be inventoried?
Which instructions outlines policy on quarterdeck inspections?
Perimeter and area protective controls are the first steps in providing protection against certain security hazards
All security barriers are broken down into what two types?
Natural and Structural
Which security methods should be used to secure relatively small restricted areas within an installation?
An asset lost or stolen from this area would cause serious damage
Level Two
The most secure type of restricted area.
Level Three
Access to this area constitutes access to the security interest.
Level One
Never inside a level three area
Level Two
An asset stolen from this area would cause grave damage.
Level Three
Unescorted movement in this area could permit access to the security interest
Level Two
This area is the least secure type of restricted area
Level One
Access to this area is minimally controlled or uncontrolled
This type of area should no be located inside restricted areas.
This area may serve as a buffer zone for a level two area
Level One
Uncontrolled movement may or may not permit access to a security interest.
Level One
Which security areas are required to have the perimeter fence posted at no less than 100 feet intervals along the perimeter?
Level One
Level Two
Level Three
Which security areas requires that visitors be logged in and out during normal duty hours?
Level Three
During normal duty hours, the use of an access list and entry and departure log is suggested but not required for what security areas?
Level Two
What appendix of OPNAVINST 5530.14 lists facilities and assets that are critical and essential to the overall mission of the Navy?
At a minimum, how often should administrative vehicle and personnel inspections operations be conducted?
Which agencies has/have the authority to control access to certain limited waterway areas under its juridiction when security dictates
US Coast Guard
US Army Corps of Engineers
In which limited waterways areas may enforcement be delegated to the Navy Command?
Restricted area
The signs posted at points of ingress to restricted areas should be approximately what size?
3ft x 3ft
The signs posted on perimeter barriers of restricted areas should be approximately what size?
12in. x 18in.
The signs posted on perimeter barriers of nonrestricted areas should be approximately what size?
11in. x 12 in.
The interval between signs posted along restricted and nonrestricted area perimeters should not exceed how many feet?
During daylight conditions, signs should be legible from a distance of at least how many feet?
The lettering in area perimeter signs should be black in color except for the word "WARNING" which should be red in color?
A light source that points toward likely avenues of approach and provides relative darkness for security personnel is called what type of lighting?
Glare projection
Two primary methods of continuous lighting are glare projection and controlled
What type of lighting is used to limit the width of a lighted strip outside a perimeter?
What type of lighting is turned on automatically when activity is detected by an intrusion system?
What type of lighting is normally used to supplement continous lighting?
Who decides what additional areas, if any, need illuminating at a command?
How often should protective lighting be checked by security force personnel?
How often should emergency power system be tested?
The test results of an emergency power system should be recorded for how many years?
At least how often should an immediate superior in command conduct a physical security inspection?
Every year
The purpose of a physical security survey is to evaluate the adequacy of a command's security program
A physical security survey should be conducted during which times?
Normal working hours
Non-duty hours
Hours of darkness
Physical security surveys are management tools that are normally sent up the chain of command
A total of how many types of physical security surveys are used by the Navy?
What type of physical security survey is conducted when changes occur that could affect the physical security of an installation?
The most positive method of identification
Personal recognition
The least reliable means for determining access authorization
Military/dependent ID card
Optional Form 55
US Government ID card
May be used to identify personnel who are authorized to nonrestricted areas
Military/dependent ID card
Required for level three areas
Access list
Used in areas where the number of authorized personnel does not exceed 50
Personal recognition
Should be maintained under stringent control
Access list
May be issued to civil service employees
US Government ID card
When if ever may an assigned escort leave a visitor alone in a security area
How often should installations and activities re-badge all regular employees and other personnel possesing permanent picture badges?
Every 6 years
During normal daylight hours, the expiration date of a badge should be distinguisable from a distance of at least how many feet?
All badges issued during a 6-year period ending December 1997 would normally bear a December 1997 expiration date.
A constractor picture badge may be issued for a what maximum period of time?
24 months
The issuing activity should conduct an inventory of serialized badges or passes on hand at least how often?
The photo on a picture badge should be of what minimum size?
1in. x 1 1/4in.
Which forms is used to identify and control motor vehicles on most installations?
DD Form 2220
What instruction provides guidance on the honoring of base decals issued by another activity?
Which factors should be considered in determining the feasibility and necessity of installing IDS equipment?
There are a total of how many basic types of instruction detection system?
What type of instrusion detection system is pescribed for all naval activities and installations?
What instrusion detection system allows the intruder to know when the alarm is activated?
Local Alarm
What instrusion detection system is usually connected over leased telephone company lines?
Central Station
What instrusion detection system requires an arranged agreement prior to establishment?
Police connection
The sensor subsystem is divided into a total of how many areas?
What is the normal power requirement for an intrusion detection system?
115 volt AC
Only standard equipment intrusion detection system, which have a normal life-span of about 10 years, should be purchased.
When batteries are used as emergency power for intrusion detection systems, the batteries should last for a minimum of how many consecutive hours?
4 hours
How often should all intrusion detection system be tested?
How often should randomly selected sections of perimeter intrusion system be tested?
OPNAV/CMC sites commonly involve both interior and exterior sensors subsystems. What is the name of the alarm?
Electro 46 optical alarm