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A parallel circuit is a circuit with
more than one path for an electric current.
A series circuit is a circuit with
only one path for an electric current.
An electromagnet is an arrangement of
wire wrapped around a core or wire.
A circuit is a path
made for an electric current.
An electric field is the
space around an object where electric forces occur.
A charge is the measurement of an
of an object extra positive or negative particles.
A magnetic field is the
space around a magnet where the force of the magnet acts.
A resistor is the material -------- but does not stop the flow of electric current.
Static Electricity is the charge that
stays on an object.
An isulator is the material that
an electric current can't easily pass through.
A conductor is the material that
an electric current can pass through easily.
Magnet poles
Are the ends of the magnet.
A magnet is an object that
attracts things made of iron and steel.
An electric cell supplies ------ to move chargees through a circuit
An electric current is
the flow of elctric charges.
A circuit with three bulbs and one battery in a circle is a
series circuit.
If a bulb burns out in a series circuit, then
no other bulbs will light.
One good way NOT to control an electromagnet is
to heat or cool it.
Magnets attract to each other
at opposite poles.
Copper wire in a circuit conducts
When two objects both have positive charges they
repel each other.
Electromagnets in motors are used to cause
A bar magnets pull is strongest at
both poles.
An object hads a negative charge if it has more -------particals than positive charges.