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The SI unit of mass is measured in ______________.
The acceleration of any object falling toward Earth as a result of the gravitational force is ________ m/s^2
The SI unit for height is measured in _________.
What is the formula for gravitational potential energy?
Ep = mgh
What is the formula for electric potential energy?
Ee = qV
What is the formula for the kinetic energy of a moving object?
Ek = 1/2mv^2
What is the formula for power?
P = Ee/t
An energy servant can do about _____ MJ of work in an eight-hour shift.
Energy lost due to conversion.
Thermal exhaust or waste energy
The total energy of the motion of all the particles of a substance
Thermal energy
A relative measure that compares the input energy and output energy of a conversion
% efficiency
One of the most common ways to reduce waste energy is to use _________.
A relatively new technology that involves modifying existing buildings and equipment using new parts.