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What is the function of a generator?
mechanical to electrical
A circuit that has 2 or more branches to flow through is....
parallel circuit
Objects that keep their magnetic properties
permanent magnets
ride a bike up and down a hill....
negative then positive
formula for speed
A single point on a time graph tells
instantaneous speed
When a force is exerted on a box....
To which of the following is convection?
liquids and gases
If gravity did not affect the bath of a horizontally thrown ball...
it would keep going horizontally
abbreviation for momentum?
Newton's First Law of Motion is also called the...
Law of Interia
For an object, the greater the force the greater the...
the speed on a speedometer...
instantaneous speed
the amount by which a machine multiples a effort force...
mechanical advantage
what is the acceleration due to gravity?
Which would be the best insulator?
a real car moving at 10km per hour has more momentum than a toy car b/c it has...
greater mass
a path that allows only one route for electricity...
series circuit
The unit for momentum is
which of the following is a device to open an overloaded circuit?
circuit breaker
a static discharge differs from a electric current....
blast for only a fraction of a second
if a weightlifter is holding barbells above his head what does he have to do to do work?
move to side to side
the size of gravitational force depends on....
masses and the distances between them..
the unit for power
a merry go round horse moves at a constant speed with changing....
a bus engine changes chemical potential energy so the bus moves and releases
kinetic energy
3 meters per second north
when 2 balls collide the momentum of the balls after the collision is explained by...
the law of conservation of momentum
a bad condutor
the SI unit for energy
energy from the sun travels to the earth as...
radiate energy
in the absence of air, a penny and a feather will drop...
at the same rate
which does not make use of electric energy...
a horizontal line on a velocity timegraph shows _____ acceleration..
a bar that is free to pivate around a fixed point
a transformer that increases voltage
step up transformer
the equation used to find acceleration?
the rate at which work is done
the statement that voltage differance is equal to current is...
Ohm's law
a material that reduces the flow of heat
the magnetic force of a magnet is
stongest at the poles
a device that increases or decreases voltage in a powerline
a winding mountain road
incline plane
in the u.s. powerlines can carry as much as 750,000 a transformer lowers it to
120 volts
increasing the speed of an object does what to it's pontential energy?
has not effect
a lever with mechanical advantage greater than one is used to
increase force
a current that reverses direction in a regular pattern
a device that does work with only one movement and changes direction and force..
simple machine
a feather will fall slower than a brick b/c of
air resistance
Motion is a change in
a material through which electrons do not flow
an object in freefall appears
an incline plane rapped around a cylentrical post is a
the function of an electric motor is
to change electrical energy into mechanical energy
the function of generator is to
change mechanical into electrical